Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lacy Park Drinking Fountain


My best friend Liz Thomas is a professional hiker who recently completed a five day urban thru-hike  charting all of the Los Angeles public stairways. She just sent me these great photos of a drinking fountain in San Marino:

"This fountain is actually outside of the park--you cross a street from the park and go up some public stairs and in an island of houses at the top of the fountains is this lovely little fountain. [It was] only staircase I climbed that had a fountain at the end. It was much appreciated."

I love the rock form of this fountain, blending into the landscaping, and the shady tree undoubtably keeps the water and the spout cooler in the hot LA sun. The filled dog bowl at the base hints at how well-loved it must be.

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  1. Your best friend's name is Liz Thomas? All this time, I thought she was called ET.